The year that was

Best year ever :D


what i've been up to lately...scuba diving!

here's me at anilao, batangas a few weeks ago. it would be our hardest dives yet with strong current at mainit (5 knots!) and low visibility at bubbles. i'm loving my new-found hobby so far. i can't wait for our next dives specially now that i got my own gear. and oh, i love wreck diving!

p.s. yes, i didn't bother to coordinate my swimsuit and wet suit. haha!

Super late post

So 2009 has come and gone and we're halfway thru February and I haven't written my usual year-end post yet. I've been spending a lot more time in my other blog, in Tumblr (sorry blogger) which is why I've been putting it off.

Here we go.

I loved 2009 for making me realize that I can make my dreams my come true. I've gone to the US and set foot in New York, the place I've been wanting to go to since I first got my passport. The vacation was a dream come true and it was made more memorable because my friend Zaza was a gracious host and was the best tour guide ever. She took me everywhere and made sure I had my picture taken on all the famous landmarks. I also enjoyed those days I was alone and discovering Manhattan by myself, walking miles and miles and never getting tired, just stopping to eat at the nearest resto/deli/park I see. Plus, during the time I was there I get to hang-out with my visiting friends from Virginia, JJ and Nidjan. It was the best vacation ever.

Work-wise, nothing still beats the crazy long-hours I put in last 2008. Although 2009 was still crazy especially during the last quarter. I'm used to it now and working late has become a habit. Last year though there were more good times: more night outs and a lot of new restaurants discovered. More travels too. I've been to Palawan 3 times this year, and to 2 countries.

2009 was a good year. I had a lot of fun and I like the fact that I still learn something new about myself.

2010 started out not so-good but it's picking up. I've a feeling this year will be equally good, if not better.


Was looking for a new desktop photo to replace my Central Park one and I remembered my old source and flickr contact: fiftyfootshadows. His pictures make me sigh. I can’t get over how good he is at capturing ordinary objects bathed in wonderful light. I could almost feel how it is to be there at that moment before he pressed the shutter. Almost all his pictures felt like it was shot on a Sunday…slow-moving, unpretentious, and calm.

Here's my latest desktop:

central park..

..i miss you so.

dream a little dream

The weeks that passed since I got home from vacation was a blur. I had only about 2 days to catch up and then I was forced to get back to the groove again. It seems things got worse now at work, when the other unit I was supporting started having problems with their system as well. Last week I started staying later and later in the office again, just catching up with reports and other stuff the bosses asked from me. My lists of deliverables just gets longer and longer, it seems I don’t get anything done at all. I’m just glad though that I love the work that I do and the people I work with. So I don’t mind all of these that much.

The news of the week is Candy’s wedding. The ceremony and the reception afterwards were lovely…I hope it was everything that Candy dreamed of. I remember how we got to this day, Candy kept putting off preparing for the details of the wedding that I was the one panicking for her. Even our gowns as secondary sponsors were fitted about 3 weeks before the wedding! Thank God even if my gown was super tight at the waist it was still wearable. At the wedding, Pixie made me give an impromptu speech, much to my shock. I wish I had something prepared so that my message was more special, more from the heart. Once I’m up to it, I hope to write Candy a letter and tell her what could have been my speech.

I remember feeling sad about 2 weeks ago. I was telling a friend how after the trip to NYC I had nothing to look forward to anymore. And then she mentioned that there was Candy’s wedding. Now that was over too. Sigh. Now I need to plan something soon , something worth dreaming about again.

back to reality..soon

i'm dreading monday. monday means back to work. it's not really the work that i hate, it's the commute. i hate having to wake up early and standing in line to wait for the service. it's that part of my daily routine that i dread. obviously something has got to change. moving out to get an apartment closer to work is out of the question -- how else can i afford to go travelling again? and about getting a car...well that has to wait until i've paid off the bills i accumulated from this trip.

darn. i wish i live in a place where i can take the train to work.